Training to failure, how often?

Positive improvements can be noticed only when load on a body or its part was stressful. Such a load occurs when your press, lift or pull more weight than usual. Additionally, you can do more reps with your constant weight. It is possible if you work at the limit, i.e. training to muscle failure.

Not only does the coach know but also any more or less experienced sportsman that only 2-3 final reps give a result, only reps that are trained hard, only sets that lead to muscle failure. Only in this case muscle growth will occur. Due to such a load the body become stronger.

At the same time any coach and sportsman knows that man cannot reach the maximum result every time. If you have a muscle failure today, you can’t repeat it again tomorrow. Quantity of reps will be lower. Such a load will not be stressful for a body. As a result there won’t be growth.  

Thus, on the one hand it is obviously trainings to failure give us opportunity for growth. On the other hand, you pay for such trainings by exhaustion. So what should you do? How often could you train to failure?

Answer is simple like all ingenious. You can train to failure when your muscles are fully recovered. Probably it is not such an answer which you expected. But it is not geometry and it hasn’t exact formulas. We can emphasize certain principles which help you find an answer:  

You shouldn’t train to failure the same muscle group constantly. Even if this group is loaded once a week;

Many muscle groups are loaded in several exercises. A prime example is a deadlift after squats. Both legs and back are working in these exercises;

Train to failure only if you are strong enough. If you don’t feel yourself cool, the training should be light. In case of your persistence, desired results will not be achieved anyway.

It happens you can’t manage the exercise. Try to replace it. When you feel yourself badly while one of your muscle groups can be trained hard, load it during workout;

It is not necessary to train an exercise once in a week. If the muscle group doesn’t recover, it would mean that exercise is hard for your body. You should try to train it less often.

On the whole the outcome will be the next: training to failure can and should be, but only when muscles are ready to be loaded. Conversely, the workout would be a waste of time. When training day comes but muscle group haven’t had a rest yet, don’t feel sorry for yourself. You should train, but at a half strength.

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