Post-workout recovery

Talks about our body recovery phases will be later. There are a lot of materials for the accurate study. Today we find out how to accelerate muscles recovery after visiting the gym.

Rate of our goals achievement depends on our speed of muscle recovery. If it is low, we can gain just a kilo of mass after a month. If it is normal, you will already have three kilo. So, the faster our body will begin the supercompensation phase, the faster new hard workout will occur. Our goal is to help the body (i.e. to you) overcome the exhaustion occurred during last training. What are the ways of doing this?

The first way: light physical exercises.

This is a paradox but it’s true. It should be just light: slow swimming not more than thirty minutes or jogging in the park during 15 minutes. I think it is clear. You shouldn’t overload yourself in this case. The point is that light training increase the blood circulation and metabolism and it leads to recovery become faster. The load should be aerobic but not hard.

The second way: sauna.

It has the same impact as the light training. When your temperature becomes higher your blood circulation and metabolism are increased. In addition, your muscles relax more. There is a fly in the ointment: you will need to spend two next days after sauna without trainings. Alas.

The third way: sleep.

No comments here. Besides, this way is the cheapest one. There is no need to leave your flat and bad. All the details are in the article “Sleep for sportsman: how and how long?

The fourth way: proper nutrition.

In short, for fast recovery you need to eat carbs. So if you want to have muscle gain, you need to eat more than you burn at the gym. Calories should be received from monosaccharides for instant recovery, and from polysaccharides for postponed recovery. You should just watch the portions because surplus of carbs leads to fat increase.

The fifth way: pharmacy.

Yes, this way does exist. These are anabolics and “legal” drugs (OMG, it sounds like a drug dealer is writing the article): mildronate, B-complex vitamins. Shortly, almost all which help increase the metabolism.

The sixth way: supplements.

They help to recover Too. The statement for the specially gifted fans of nature – it is not a chemistry.  

Gainer and aminos are very good in recovery (look at our supplement shop). Gainers are even better. These carb-protein mixes kill two birds with one stone: they help to recover muscles after workout and to gain muscle mass.

Usually proper supplement contains slow and fast carbs and, besides, about 1/3 proteins.

These are simple tips for recovery. Proper using of them helps to accelerate the body recovery process after hard workouts and achieve your ideal form faster.

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