To eat at night or not to eat? That is the question!

And once again about the food. How to control your appetite: eat more or less

There are plenty of opinions on this issue. Someone thinks that eating at night should be less, other believes that mealtime does not matter at all, and that only the balance of calories is important. 

It is clear that eaten food will not turn into fat, if you eat this food after a certain time, even considering the fact that at night the body increases the insulin sensitivity. But this is just a hypothesis.

Quite another matter is the energy balance of our body. The arrival and the consumption of calories is important in any time of the day, so if you spend your evening sitting in social networks and night sleeping in a warm and cozy bed, it is evident that a large part of the daily diet, should be consumed during the first half of the day. 

Our body spends calories every second, but when we offer our bodies a large amount of food before bedtime, we provide ourselves with the excess energy that we don’t need.

It has been proved that eating at night is allowed, even if there is a desire to lose weight. The main thing is that the evening meal should fit into the daily need for macros. What is important is that the food has to be very easy and it mustn’t flood your body, giving it an excess of energy which will be unclaimed.

Selecting of the variant that appropriate body in the certain case can only be an educated bet. First you can try to eat during the week so that the biggest part of the daily diet is eaten during the second part of the day, but keeping a strict accounting of calories. 

The next week you can eat otherwise. But you should always remember this rule: «if you want to lose weight, create a 20% calorie deficit». Every calorie eating plan must comply the main goals. 

If you eat, then what?

There is an opinion in in the sports circles that carbohydrates received in the evening will be postponed as fat. According to the words of Dan Duchaine, authoritative men in the world of building, in the evening insulin sensitivity is increased, when at night its level is the lowest. And when insulin level is reduced, cortisol level is increased whose "merit" is the destruction of the muscles. 

But what the reducing insulin sensitivity means? It means that the body becomes more receptive to carbohydrates, and it is not able to process them as it does during the day. And this leads to the fact that probably all of them will be delayed for a "rainy day". 

How do you find the middle to prevent the catabolic processes in the body that destroy meat and spoil metabolism, at the same time not gaining extra fat. For this, the evening meal should prevail protein foods and non-starchy vegetables. 

So if you do not think the eating at night and eating carbohydrates for dinner are grave sins, but at the same time you have successfully burned fat in training, anyway, you should not dismiss the idea of a high-protein dinner. This idea is quite a good case on the plateau. The rejection of the evening serving of carbohydrates will also monitor the number of incoming calories. Apparently, this fact associated with the appearance of the myth "do not eat after six in the evening" and this fact associated with the appearance of the myth "do not eat after six in the evening" and all its derivatives.

Remember, everything is poison, everything is medicine. The dose is only important. So if you want the mass, then I wish it to you, and if you don’t need it, then the relief to you.


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