Exercise: Seated Behind-the-Neck Barbell Press
Seated Behind-the-Neck Barbell Press Exercise:
  Middle delts
  Front delts
  Serratus Anterior


Seated barbell press behind the neck is aimed at developing shoulders, specifically middle and front delts, upper trapezius. Triceps and even serratus anterior will be loaded also.


Seat down on a military press bench. Press your back firmly against the back of bench and hold it in this position till the end of set. Grasp the bar so it should create a 90-degree angle between the forearm and the upper arm.

Breathe in, un-rack the bar and lift it up until your arms become straight, but not fix the elbows. At the top, when barbell is over your head, breathe out and start to lower the bar behind your head. At the bottom bar should practically lay down on your shoulders. Lift the bar up as your exhale.

Important Information

  • You should be very careful if you have weak middle delts or supraspinatus muscle.
  • Before starting using big weights you should improve your technique as exercise is very dangerous for shoulder joint.
  • If you have no special machine, you can place the bench underneath the power rack and set the barbell at a correct height.
  • All movements should be slow and controlled; otherwise you can injury your spine.