Revealing The Secrets To Getting Big Like a Bull

A couple of years ago I was out in the woods doing some fishing and I happened to notice a couple of Bulls across the river sauntering along a game trail. They were both incredibly huge. I couldn’t help but thinking…“Look at that, they never train, they eat grass all day and they lay around. They don’t really do anything, yet they stay huge. How do they do it? What’s their secret? I reasoned, It must be chemical. There must be some way that we can get the same kind of a chemical boost that the bull has without resorting to steroids. If a bull can do it, why couldn’t we? I have been on a search for this very secret for some time and now I think I’ve stumbled on to something. So, If you are interested in holding on to your size like the bull, pay attention to what I’m going to tell you!


There are two things to consider, anabolic and catabolic reactions. An anabolic reaction is when the body builds complex molecules from simpler ones, while storing energy and helping the growth of muscle. A catabolic reaction is the breaking down of those complex molecules back into simple ones, while releasing energy. Essentially they are opposing reactions. Anabolic is constructive metabolism, and catabolic is destructive metabolism. We know anabolism works because there are guys that are getting huge on anabolic steroids. For me, steroids are out of the question because I’m not the least bit interested in trading in tomorrow’s health for some extra size today (not to mention it’s illegal).

Even though anabolic reactions are part of the picture, they are not the only part. We have to also consider catabolic reactions. What happens after the workout and even more importantly, in between your workouts, is crucial to restricting the catabolic process. Lets put this into perspective. The Human body uses 80% of the amino acids that we ingest go directly to maintaining the integrity of the intestinal organs. They don’t go to the muscle tissue at all. Even more important, If you don’t provide enough of these highly favored Amino Acids to maintain properly functioning intestinal organs, the body will synthesize them itself through catabolic breakdown. And because it can’t make them out of nothing, it will break down existing muscle tissue to create the amino acids it needs.

When a Brown Bear goes into hibernation, it recycles it’s amino acids with 100% efficiency. It is able to live almost entirely off it’s stored fat, but while at the same time it maintaining its muscle tissue, even during it’s 4 month layoff. Can you imagine what would happen to your muscle size if you Took a 4 month layoff? You would drastically loose muscle mass. But what causes muscle loss faster than laying around is when the body suffers trauma. We lose size faster than we would after missing a few days of workouts. So why do we shrink so much more when we’ve gone though some kind physical trauma than we do when just laying around? The reason is because the large stresses on the body causes it to go into a catabolic state. The worse the trauma or stress suffered, the more intense the catabolic state can be.

In the glutamine and Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate are the first amino acids to go under surgical stress. This is the reason we shrink like a leaky balloon after just a few days in the hospital. With that being said, It would make sense that there are different kinds stress, even like those linked to bodybuilding, that could trigger the same kind of response where the body goes into a catabolic state. The stress that the body goes under while doing a hard workout while undertaking high “getting ripped” calorie levels would be a good example. So, if we want to hold on to our size like the Bull does, we have got to increase our anabolism and reduce our catabolism without resorting to steroids. So what we have to do is build up a storehouse of all the goodies the catabolic process is going to rob from us. Importantly the BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), Glutamine and Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate, because they are the first to go. We have got to replace them immediately after a workout, or even better, start replenishing before the workout even begins. I recommend using products like NitroAmp™ and GrowthPlus.™


In order to get an anabolic pump, first thing you have to do is make your workouts shorter. Shorter workouts allow you to decrease the catabolic effect within your body, and it gets you out of the gym before your release of Growth Hormone peters out. Make it your goal to get out of the gym within 30 to 40 minutes. You want keep your Growth Hormone release at a maximum level by the end of your workout, so you should be taking GH releasers (Arginine Pyroglutamate) like found in NitroAmp™, for extra GH release.

Your workout will consist of working 5 muscle groups. Do one exercise per muscle group, and 4 sets per exercise. Next thing you do is engineer your intensity factors. By changing the intensity each set you can effectively maximum GH release without wiping out your joints.

The First set should be light weight, high reps, done slowly to full extension and full contraction.

The Second set should be done with heavy weight. You are looking to make about 6 to 8 reps.

The Third set should be your “fear set.” Use a super heavy weight. It doesn’t matter if you only get a quarter of a rep. What you’re after is fear.

The Fourth set is done with light weight, high reps (20) done to pain failure. In other words, you stop because you can’t stand the pain not because of exhaustion.


Using this workout, along with Anti-Catabolics, is incredible for adding size because of a whole bunch of reasons. Because you’re in and out so quick your GH release is still climbing. Engineered intensity factors triggers more GH release. You will have reduced “after workout pain.” And, your catabolism won’t kick into full gear. It’s really fun and exciting. Put all these things together and you will be getting very close to the secret of the Bull.

Founder of L.Scott Research Foundation,

Larry Scott

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