The ‘Rader Chest Pull’. Make Your Sternum Bigger

Today we have quite a hot topic - the pectoral muscles. Obviously, that developed pecs strike the eye much more than strong biceps. Even though, one without the other is the pitiful sight, you know. Everybody understands it clear.

Today we will talk about one interesting method of increasing the chest. In fact, many people believe that doing exercises for pectorals’ growth is quite enough. However, it can be achieved by stretching the cartilage and the bone tissue. And one of the ways of doing this is the Rader chest pull.

The ‘Rader Chest Pull’

Rader Chest Pull. What Is It And Who Is It For?

Inherently, Rader chest pull is the stretching exercise, not the strength training. Nevertheless, its benefit for builders is priceless. Surprisingly, the authorship of the method belongs to Peary Rader. 

This training is especially useful for the young due to body haven’t stopped in development yet. Of course, there will be effect for more than 30-year-old athletes Too, but not so remarkable.

If to specify, Rader chest pull is not separate exercise. It should be done between sets and after finishing squats and chest press. The aim is to stretch vertebral column, upper back, pecs and lumbar, especially. It can be much overloaded in the squats and in everyday life too. Unfortunately, I know it for my own experience.

Sportsmen, who train Rader chest pull regularly, contrast favourably with others even visually. Their shoulders and thorax are much broader, and posture reminds of a ballet bearing. All this is the result of a constant training of the internal muscles.

Rader Chest Pull Technique

Exercise does not require any special equipment. You just need to find any vertical support which is reliable to grip a little above your growth.

Stand in front of the support, place your feet shoulder width apart and rest hands against the support slightly above the forehead. Your arms should be straight at the elbow joint. If you choose power rack’s upright post as a support, keep your hands together.

This is the starting position. Take a breath and sag the torso forward at the same time. This movement is similar to the way like a cat sharpens his claws on the corner first and then pulls up. 

It is important the abdominal muscles are being relaxed during the Rader chest pull. Otherwise, there will be no effect.  The proper technique is the key of the chest growth. How to check whether you do all right? It is simple. If you feel a little bit uncomfortable in the sternum because of stretching in different directions, everything is all right. If you haven’t such sensation, there is a mistake in exercise technique.

Exercise Tips

There are several implementation tips below which will help to get the proper technique right:

  • You can regulate and redistribute the load changing the width of the hands on support. The wider the hands the lower the load on the back. 
  • The performance of Raider pull after exercises causing hurried breathing lets you increase the effect of most of these exercises;
  • The load can be varied by changing the position of the legs and the support relative to each other. Elbows, by the way, can also be slightly bent. In general, explore, try different ways, and follow the technique!

And may the big pecs be with you!

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