Jelly of the amino acids

Benefits of eating gelatin is that amino acids are included in it strengthens the heart muscle and increase mental activity is maintained at the proper level quality of connective tissues. He also is an excellent dietary product. Gelatin is well absorbed by the body and does not cause increased secretion of digestive glands . Gelatin promotes faster healing bone fractures and injuries. It is recommended to take people who have low back pain and arthritis. It prevents the destruction of articular cartilage .

Use of amino acids , mainly lies in the fact that they are necessary for the proper , normal development of an organism to maintain its correct operation. They improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals , increase their effect . No wonder athletes decided to take amino acids to build muscle faster , be stronger and sturdier .

Why not learn from this additional benefit and not cook jelly amino acids , because it will be not only useful but also very tasty

- amino acids (BCAA or any other ) 1 scoop ;
- water 150 ml;
- juice 250 ml ;
- gelatin 10g (optional see instructions on the package ) .

Method of preparation:
1. First dissolve the gelatin in cold water ( 150ml soak in water for 1 hour), and then a little warm up , stirring it . Basically, how to breed gelatin indicated on the packaging. And be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of gelatin , as overdue product can spoil your " culinary " work.
2 . In the resulting liquid add scoop / scoop of amino acids and 250ml juice ( pre-heated to 60 degrees ) quickly and thoroughly mixed and then poured into molds !
3 . After the mixture was stirred , send it in the fridge , prior to complete solidification .

Enjoy your meal! Be strong and healthy!

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