5 General Myths of Bodybuilding

The sports world is full of myths that can be easily called heresy and allow to burn the heretics at the stake with righteous anger. Everyone, who managed to gain a little mass, considers himself as an expert and discusses, why this sportsman is successful, and that sportsman is a loser. That is why it is very important to understand the truth.

Today we decide to debunk the next portion of myths. It can be difficult to separate wheat from chaff when we talk about information from the sport circles and over them.

Furthermore, training helps us to achieve very different goals as one goal can be achieved by very different ways. There are many pitfalls in information abundance. Even experienced sportsmen get caught in the traps.

To avoid discrepancies and doublethink we present you five myths that will be smashed to pieces. Let’s go!

The first myth: abs should be trained on an empty stomach.

Yes, this is misconception. It does exist. It means that if you are working out your abs on an empty stomach, you will see desired muscles faster. Boys and girls perceive this information as an axiom and begin to train crunches, leg raises and others abs exercises. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in such a way.

It is true that training abs is very important and needed. You need to do new exercises to gain mass and strength of abdominal muscles (low back muscles, by the way, should get their load Too). Conversely, all this doesn’t lead to flat belly and doesn’t sculpt abs.

Have you met the opinion that abs should be trained in the kitchen? If not – this have occurred right now. This is true because diet is a very important factor in building an ideal abs. Proper and quality nutrition has great impact, but it is not really enough for lean belly.

The point is in fat that cover abs muscles. Even if you work hard with abdominals, seeing results will be covered by layer of fat. Your abs will work undercover. Healthy food is an instrument that allows decreasing fat excess.

The second way to build the abs is the cardio. The sense is simple. Using cardio helps to burn extra calories and, as a result, excess fat too. Muscles will be seeing because of strong diet plan and balanced plan of cardio load. It is remarkable fat will burn over whole body, but not over abs locally.

The second myth: fat transforms into muscles and vice versa. 

I was the witness myself of my acquaintance trying to assure her friends that morning run turns her fat into muscles. No, no, no and thousand times no. We have to separate flies from meatballs. Fat is fat and muscles are muscles. These tissues are not interchangeable.

If the sportsman looks like Hercules, his muscles will not turn into fat immediately after stopping the regular training. Part of muscle mass will disappear and, as a result, proportion of fat towards muscles will increase. Probably, Hercules will gain excess fat a little bit due to load absence, but muscles will not transform into fat. That’s the all magic.

Conversely, you begin to train in the case you have extra weight. Your fat will not turn into muscle mass. Muscle gain is a result of regular physical exercises. Decrease of fat layer depends on increase of energy consumption because of changing in lifestyle.

The third myth: local fat burning

Girls like such a thing very much, ‘My upper body is excellent. I want to lose fat in legs, but keep the breast size!’ We can tell you once more that it is impossible.

Training crunches and sit-ups doesn’t help you to sculpt six abs muscles after a couple of weeks. If you want to burn fat over abs, you need to mix crunches with other exercises that load your back, chest and legs.

When we try to burn the fat, it is decreasing over whole body. The problem is it has different layer in every part of the body. So the visible result isn’t the same for each part and takes different time to occur.

You cannot lose the fat only over the belly or hips. It doesn’t matter how many times you will do crunches. Lower body is rich with problem areas. It is naive to hope for fast fat loss in these parts. You need to spend a lot of time and even more affords and patience.

The forth myth: I can overtrain myself and become a monster.

Ladies are afraid of this very much. Also they are afraid of losing their femininity at the gym. Ladies and gentlemen, if you train with light dumbbells just the first year, it will not transform you into Hulk. It is not so easy. You cannot just enter the gym, make one set and become huge and built. Alas...

The weight training is a wonderful way to tonus your muscles, to sculpt them and lose excess fat, improve metabolism and body form in general. There are many benefits of working at gym, but it doesn’t mean that you will become huge immediately and will need to change clothing size on 56th.

Don’t worry, ladies, working out with 5 kilo dumbbells doesn’t transform you into the next Miss Olympia.

The fifth myth: quantity is better than quality.

In other words, the more the better. Not at all. More is just more. You should seek for quality but not quantity. This rule concerns everything in your life.

Healthy nutrition is a right and good thing. Nevertheless eating tonnes of good food is bad and leads to obesity. This is no good. That’s why quality is more preferable than quantity.

The situation with the strength training is the same. Two or three sets with proper technique will give you better result than four or five sets with wrong technique. Workout with more weights doesn’t mean great effect. More cardio load will not be one hundred percent more productive.

In short, that is clear you’d better practice the quality approach. Not only does it apply to training and nutrition, but it applies to your whole life.

That’s all the myths we wanted to debunk today. We hope it was useful for you.

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