Building a bigger chest - Joe Donnelly

My tips and techniques for building the chest you have always wanted...

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1) Build your chest from the top down. The widest part of your pectoral is at the top. Arnold always talked about 70% of his workload being focused on the upper chest. Ever see Arnold do a decline press? Franco? Never!

2) Strength doesn't mean size: As teenagers we are so fixated on being strong, that however doesn't necessarily translate into growth of muscle. Kai Greene always talks about the fundamental difference between being a weight lifter and muscle builder. I can attest to this. When I moved away from worrying about how much weight I was pressing, focusing more on form, time under tension and overall stress on the muscle I saw a lot of growth. I cannot bench press 525 pounds anymore but my chest is night and day from where it was...

3) Avoid Habits: The body adapts to pretty much everything fairly quickly. Doing the same type of cardio all the time and you will lose the fat burning component very quickly. The same with your lifts. Keep changing it up. It is ok to have core lifts in each workout such as compound movements but change up the order in which you do them, try different techniques such as pre-exhausting the muscle, rep pause technique, 15 method, dropsets, tri-set etc etc...

4) Full Range of motion: In pumping iron there is a shot of Arnold doing flat bench dumbell flies, he is going so deep and stretching so far his hands actually come down past his chest. Incredible flexibility for someone with that kind of muscle. use full range of motion on things like presses and flies. 1) It will help prevent injury, 2 it will stretch the muscle fascia and the pectoral muscle.

5) Recovery: I do not believe you can overtrain within your workout. Your body will eventually quit, you only have so much energy. However training a muscle group Too often can be in direct detriment to your muscle growth. Get plenty of rest, avoid excess alcohol, do not miss meals and grow!!

Author: Joe Donnelly