There are more and more voices of scientists persuading women to try bodybuilding. Despite this quantity of really assured women is not big enough. It is no wonder that two of three ladies at gyms prefer to pedal stationary bikes. In short, fans of cardio. There is not important if there are indications or it is result of mass-media work, but if you are not skinny, you are not sexual.

We want to describe 8 reasons for women to go in for bodybuilding. Let’s go.

The first reason: You will become stronger.

Yes, it is the first place in our list. It will be no need to reconcile with your boyfriend asking him to open the can. It will not be so difficult to carry children in your arms. Doing housekeeping will not be so exhausting if you are go in for bodybuilding.

The second reason: fat burning.

Proven researches showed that females who attend the gym two or three times per week lose about kilo and a half of fat and gain one kilo muscle mass simultaneously within two months (in case they are working in gym but not just sitting on the machine and chatting in social nets). 

We will not discuss that 56 female kilograms can look differ. You can see pictures in Google yourself. In addition to well-looking body you’ll increase metabolic rate. I.e. every new kilo of muscle mass will stimulate the body to burn more calories.

The third reason: you will not become a jock.

Some very impressible (and lazy) girls excuses their unwillingness to go to the gym because they think, ‘I will lost my femininity and will look like Terminator’. Keep calm; you’ll never be a jock. Hulk’s hands don’t menace you. Information about differences between the male and the female endocrine system is easy to find in big books and large articles.

In short, all the sense can be fitted in one sentence: woman’s body hasn’t such testosterone levels that need for muscle growth like on posters with female bodybuilders. By the way, they haven’t them too. It’s a pharmaceutics. This is a theme for another article.

Thus, leave your fears behind. Your strength will increase; the body will become fit, slender and health-rounded where it really needs. Fortunately, you’ll never become Hulk or Miss Olympia.

The fourth reason: osteoporosis prevention.

Just six months at the gym will occur 13% increase in the spine bone mineral density. At the same time having right nutrition with the required portions of calcium may protect you from osteoporosis.

The fifth reason: improvement in sporting results.

Frequent and regular researches show that strength trainings at the gym have positive influence on sporting results. Golf players increase hitting power, cyclists become more endurance. No matter what kind of sport you are going in for, regular workouts at the gym improve your results and prevent from injuries.

The sixth reason: decrease risk of injury and arthritis.

 Regular strength trainings help not only gain muscle mass and lose fat, but also lead to development of connective tissue and increase joints stability. In brief, not milling the wind, in 80% of cases lower back workout helps to get rid of back pain or in more complex cases relieve it.

The seventh reason: decrease heart disease risk.

According to researches of one the very smart guy, workouts help decrease the risk of developing heart disease by lowering ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, increasing ‘good’ cholesterol levels and balancing the blood pressure.

The eighth reason: decrease diabetes risk.

The same scientist, who made above mentioned researches, noticed that regular strength trainings were improving hormonal regulation of metabolism decreasing the risk of developing diabetes.

After 3 months of constant workouts at the gym body glucose consumption increases by a quarter!

These are 8 reasons, ladies, for starting training at the gym without doubts!

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